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Oak Paving

10 - Feb - 2015

The Paving and Landscape Specialists



Mr Newton, West Bergholt

"It really is a fantastic job and we are very pleased with the job you've done. Thanks very much - we would gladly be a testimonial for the quality of your work and your overall conduct which is a credit to your industry."

Mrs Cano - Lopez, Walton on the Naze

"The work carried out by Oak Paving has transformed our home. It looks neat and tidy and we get regular comments of how good it looks from passers by. Whilst carrying out the work they were freindly and helpful, working with minimum fuss. They completed the work in the timescale and price given. They helped with design and were polite throughout showing total respect for our property. We are pleased and would could not recommend them more highly."


Mr Davies, Boxsted

"I am delighted with our new drive designed and provided by Oak Paving. The work was carried out in a timely and professional manner and we are very happy with the result. The work was carried out to a high standard and the site was always kept tidy. The workmen were polite and we were kept fully informed of progress at all stages. The drive has significantly improved the appearance of our property."


Mr Brett, Abberton

"I was very pleased with all aspects of the design and construction of our driveway, by Oak Paving. I am familiar with paving schemes through my employment, so I know when someone is not being totally honest about materials/specifications and the like. I can't over-emphasive how professional I found Oak Paving to be, from the initail visit through to driveway completion. The workmen were very polite and courteous, always on time and happy to fully discuss my ideas and concerns.

I would happily use Oak Paving again for any future work and have no hesitation in recommending this company to others. 10 out of 10."


Mr Booth, Holland on Sea

"Thankyou for an excellent job of paving our front driveway. I found Oak Paving to be polite & professional from start to finish, competitive with their quotation, hard working in all sorts of weather & completing the job to a standard that I am sure will last for years. The front of our bungalow has gone from a hotchpotch of crazy paving, broken odd slabs, gravel & mud to a very smart block paved driveway that has been commented on by all the neighbours & people passing. I would certainly recommend Oak Paving to anyone who is thinking of having any paving or landscaping work carried out. Many thanks once again."


Mr and Mrs Wiseman, Beaumont

"We are very pleased with a job well done. They gave a very competitive price. Found the guys to be reliable, professional, hard-working and polite. They kept the site very clean and tidy. Would definitely recommend Oak Paving to anyone."


Mrs Rasche, Frinton on Sea

"Just to let you know a couple knocked here today. They said you had been round to see them and give them a quote and they took a good look round our front. They seemed really impressed by the job you had done and asked us quite a few questions about what we thought about you. Well, I can only say the reference we gave them was so glowing they asked if you were my son! I can assure you that if any more prospective clients appear at the door we will not hesitate to let them know how delighted we are and were with your workmanship and demeanour."


Mr & Mrs Ratcliffe, Wivenhoe

"Oak Paving have done a very professional job and left our drive looking smart and modern. They were courteous and hardworking throughout the job and paid attention to details. It's these small details that make all the difference. Many thanks for a job well done."

Mr & Mrs Richardson, Thorpe le Soken

"Thanks you for the recent drive and patio installation on my house. The standard of the work is the best I have seen for a block paved drive and we have had three done before. The whole service was excellent from quotation to completion and your knowledge was obvious from the beginning. It was always a pleasure to discuss the progress and feedback on any ideas we had during the work as well as your accommodation of changes without any fuss. Thanks again for such a pleasurable experience in having building work done (not always the case nowadays)."


Mr & Mrs Linton, West Bergholt

"Thank you for the work you have done at our property. We have been impressed with the standard of workmanship and the professionalism of your approach. The work was well organised and we felt informed and consulted throughout. We would recommend Oak Paving to prospective clients."


Mr Kelly, Fingeringhoe

"Can I say once again that we are really pleased with what you did in the back garden, it now looks finished somehow."


Mr & Mrs Spinks, Clacton

"We chose Oak Paving to landscape our front garden and block pave our driveway based on their superb reputation. We found them to be very helpful and conscientious tradesmen. We have no hesitation in recommending Oak Paving as we found the workmanship to be first class"


Mrs Page, Colchester

"Oak Paving did a great job with our large driveway and patio. Their service is very professional, yet really personal and friendly and we felt in good hands right the way through the process, from getting the initial quotation to the work being carried out.

Our property has been transformed thanks to Oak Paving and we would not hesitate to recommend them as a reliable supplier of paving and landscaping."


Mr & Mrs Giles, Colchester

"Oak Paving laid a new driveway to the front of our property. Prices are extremely competitive and the standard of work first class.

All the tradesmen were polite, reliable and friendly. Our new driveway has improved the appearance of our house 100 per cent. I would recommend Oak Paving."


Mr and Mrs Strode, Clacton on Sea

"Friends and neighbours who have seen your work have been unanimous in their praise of both the look of the finished job and the quality of workmanship. You have done an excellent and professional job for us."


Mr Moore, Salcott

"We set Oak Paving a bit of a challenge, having a site that sloped in two directions, and were very impressed by the way they overcame the problems. We are more than pleased with the result, and our path and patio area are much admired by both friends and neighbours."


Miss Woodman, Great Oakley

"I wish to thank you for your professionalism, the high quality and timely completion of your work. I will be highly recommending Oak Paving."


Mr & Mrs Gentry, Thorpe le Soken

"We would recommend Oak Paving, as in this day and age it is reassuring to find a reliable contractor who arrives on time and carries out the work exactly as agreed and within budget."

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